Natalie Rumak

Content Artist | Programmer

Hi, I'm Natalie! I'm currently studying Digital Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida. I also work as a content artist for Shiny Bolt Games where I create models, textures, and concept art for our current project, Prisma.

Skills and Interests

3D Modeling
I was first drawn to 3D modeling because of the sense of accomplishment from bringing form to a concept. I loved learning how to bring shape to ideas within the 3D environment and giving each work personality. I also enjoy texturing and animating the models I create, to add another level of detail to the projects I work on. Working as an intern at Immersed Games, followed by working as a content artist at Shiny Bolt Games has allowed me to improve quickly and develop a love for creating game art.

Digital Painting
In 2014 I decided that I wanted to learn digital art. I already had a background in traditional painting and drawing techniques, but was surprised by how different it was to paint digitally. Though it was challenging at the start, I soon fell in love with digital painting and have practiced it as often as possible since then. Learning digital painting also gave me experience using Photoshop, Krita, and Illustrator.

My love for math and puzzles led me to take my first porgramming class. As soon as I saw my lines of code transform into a fractal, game, and adventure I was hooked. Since then I worked on front end development as part of a web dev team, created a stick figure animation program, and recreated the game "Unblock Me". These projects gave me experience using HTML, CSS, JS, MEAN.JS, Java (including Java's Swing GUI), and C++. I have also worked with the Unity Game Engine on many school projects and in my current work as a content artist.